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Can Ayahuasca Help Me?

"Ayahuasca is not a drug in the Western sense, something you take to get rid of something. Properly used, it opens up parts of yourself that you usually have no access to. The parts of the brain that hold emotional memories come together with those parts that modulate insight and awareness, so you see past experiences in a new way" — quote by Dr. Gabor Maté.

How perfectly worded is this overview of Ayahuasca and the shear potential of benefits it can provide?

This reflection of the brew’s healing powers comes from a pioneer in the field of psychedelic research; Dr. Maté was a physician in Vancouver’s downtown Eastside, a neighbourhood known for its homelessness, drug and alcohol problems as well as growing number of cases of mental health issues. During his years practicing as a doctor in this rather difficult community, the common denominator of so many cases he saw was past unresolved trauma; this is what amplified Dr. Maté’s curiosity towards how Ayahuasca was rumoured to heal.

What if Ayahuasca could help you tap into lost or forgotten memories that have stunted your own growth and self-actualization? Wouldn’t you be curious to know more?

As a human being that possesses drive and ambition to shape your own future, it’s hard to accept that you have the potential to be so much more than who you are; it’s easier and emotionally more acceptable to convince yourself that you’re a product of your environment, hence relinquishing control.

You’re now reaching the point where you’re seeking to get the reins back. It’s time… You’re ready… After all, it is YOUR life to live.

Now imagine the world if you were living your best life…

The younger generations of Ayahuasca enthusiasts weren’t alive during the War on Drugs of the 70’s, when penalties for drug offences skyrocketed, exponentially catapulting the stigma surrounding psychedelics. The result was an undeniable decline in the usage of psychedelics, consequently impacting federal research funding. As a result, many illnesses deemed to be linked to past traumatic experiences began to increasingly be treated with more popular and "acceptable" treatment options, which are now proving to be band-aid medications that often ignore the root cause of the disease itself.

The source of the wound needs to be attended to in order to truly heal and grow from within while on this quest to reach your full potential. Would you not agree? If the source of your pain, confusion or unhappiness stems from your experiences, then psychedelics can no longer be overlooked in the treatment of illnesses that are shown to be directly linked to how we interpret these memories. Examples would include:

  • Depression

  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

  • Anxiety

  • Addiction

  • Eating Disorders

  • Grief Therapy

  • Bi-Polar Disorder

The illnesses listed above very often stem from some sort of past trauma which is often treated via the more costly and lengthy traditional psychotherapy methods with a special focus on self-acceptance. Ayahuasca is known to impact your brain capacity for mindfulness which is directly connected to your innate human need for acceptance. What if Ayahuasca could help tap into those past traumatic experiences to emotionally relive and accept them with a different sense of awareness and insight?

If you suffer from addiction, would you want to know where it originates from? For those living with PTSD, would it not be a relief to be able to re-experience a moment that you had never come to terms with that was causing such an impact on your present life? Giving someone with depression a pill that will balance the highs and lows can give the illusion that they’re getting "cured" when in reality they’re merely being "treated".

As Dr. Maté says, "The past doesn’t have to change for you to change your relationship to it". By shedding light on the past and perceiving it while in a different state of mind from when it all initially happened, clarity and answers can be revealed. Growth can take place as you’re capable and aware enough to acknowledge the trauma. Healing can then begin…

The interest seen in recent years surrounding Ayahuasca experiences by journeyers combined with increased ease of social connection and communication on individual experiences is reviving the research around psychedelics. Today, people are reminiscing about their experiences on podcasts and various social media outlets which is slowly diminishing the stigma from the 70’s.

This renewed social acceptance of psychedelics opens the door to untapped research opportunities and countless benefits. We want to take our control back. It’s time… We’re ready… After all, it is OUR life to live.

Now imagine the world if everyone were living their best life…

At Inner Circle Ayahuasca Retreat, we acknowledge the social stigma that somewhat still clings on and therefore want the experience to be as memorable and transformative as possible for every guest. We combine this spiritual Ayahuasca ceremony with a 1-week stay in our Airbnb accommodations in Nuevo Vallarta to ensure that your body, mind and spirit is prepared for Mother Ayahuasca’s revelations. Contact us to know if this retreat can be beneficial to your own personal healing and growth for you to ensure that you’re living your best life!


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