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An Ayahuasca Perspective on Don Miguel Ruiz’s book “The Four Agreements”

Your life is a puzzle. Every piece of your puzzle represents an agreement you accumulated through your unique social upbringing and personal self-talk.

How you are raised shapes the experiences of your younger years. You’re too simple-minded and naïve as a child to form meaningful ideas therefore what you hear around you, inadvertently become the agreements that you adhere to. You don’t know any different. So, when your mother tells you that you’re beautiful, you believe her. After all, why wouldn’t you… As you grow older though, your awareness gives you enough insight, awareness and confidence to listen to your own ideas. Your self-talk becomes what guides your agreements. The agreements you create with yourselves form your personality and over time eventually shape your entire life. Ever wonder who you would be today had you formed different agreements when you were younger? What if it were possible to re-experience a defining moment that could potentially bring about agreements formed out of love rather than fear? Would you be a different person today? Ayahuasca opens the door to this possibility… Curious? Read on… An Ayahuasca experience combines the importance of how you interpreted past experiences and the agreements you formed with yourself as a result of those experiences. Mother Ayahuasca works to form a louder narrative, enabling you to re-create more fulfilling agreements with yourself and overcome the barriers to attain ultimate inner happiness. This isn’t an easy process, but it’s possible. It’s like realizing that a puzzle piece doesn’t fit and switching it up for one that does. Don Miguel Ruiz’s book, “The Four Agreements – A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom” highlights how you can transform who you are by following four specific agreements and it’s surprising just how similar they align with the spiritual essence of Ayahuasca! Let’s see if you agree!

1) Be impeccable with your word. Ruiz says that this is the hardest agreement of the four and we agree. Why, you ask? Have you ever tried not lying to YOURSELF? Ayahuasca forces you to take an honest look at yourself and the life you’re living. In doing so, you can formulate meaningful intentions beforehand for what you want to find answers to, when you partake in your Ayahuasca experience. What answers are you needing to feel fulfilled? What parts of you need to heal? What are you afraid of? Open your heart and soul to Mother Ayahuasca; Relinquish the reins and allow her to reveal truths about you that may have been buried over time. You must be ready for the potential changes that this can bring because looking at your life truthfully will test agreements which may have initially seemed fundamental to the core of who you are. Being impeccable with your word to others as well as yourself is directly proportionate to your level of self-love. Give this some thought. Where are you at on the spectrum? 2) Don’t take things personally. If you can master the 1st agreement, then the 2nd one tends to come easily. If you love yourself, you most likely won’t take things said about you personally because your agreements define you and not what others think of you. A strong self-identity is imperative, yet so many people reach adulthood more confused than ever about who they really are. They worked hard for the career they have, the car they drive, the house they live in… Only to realize that this hasn’t made them happy. What could this mean? This is when past agreements start to conflict with your current reality and values. You internalize the judgements that others impose on you because you’re confused on the best path forward. Is it time to reset? Ayahuasca doesn’t judge. It opens past wounds to enable you to re-heal from a position of love rather than fear. It directs you on a path void of ego and conducive to forgiveness and moving on. The experience isn’t meant to be rushed. It takes it’s time as long as you’re receptive, open-minded and fearless. 3) Don’t make assumptions. If you are all those things - receptive, open-minded and fearless - then you’re well on your way to refraining from making assumptions. Otherwise, this one can be tough because you need to have the strength to silence your mind yet possess the courage to be inquisitive about what others have on their mind. How often do you drive home from a stressful day at work and your thoughts are racing with conversations that could happen, may happen or should happen? By the time you’re parking, you’re confused as to what you’ve imagined versus what actually happened. You create a whole dramatic scenario in your head based on your own fears rather than reality, which causes you so much unnecessary stress and anxiety. This can all be avoided if you ask questions in order to truly understand and not create an inner dialogue that differs from the other person’s actual intentions. Ayahuasca will test you not to assume anything prior to experiencing it because no two people will have the same revelations. The combination of your unique past experiences and the person you are today will determine what is revealed to you. Coming in with no assumptions creates a pure moment of self-reflection with infinite potential for healing and growth. Don’t limit yourself by making assumptions on what is possible. 4) Always do your best. If you believe that possibilities are endless, then you’re most likely well on your way to doing your best and in turn living your best life. And this is what you want! Isn’t it? If you always do your best, day in and day out, you are opening the door to ensuring that the first 3 agreements become ingrained in the fabric of your being. Don’t be scared or intimidated by what this entails. Doing your best today may look different than doing your best tomorrow; It will be based on your feelings and mood at that precise moment in time. Have you been doing your best? The idea of Ayahuasca is born from this innate need for humanity to be their best. Once you can properly envision what being your best looks like, you can then take the necessary steps towards achieving those goals. Mother Ayahuasca seeks to be a beacon on this path towards self-enlightenment. It searches for those that are curious about what more is out there for them… Achieving that moment where you can honestly look at yourself in the mirror and proudly say “I have done my best” is life changing. Saying this to yourself truthfully means that you’ve let go of any judgement of yourself. You’ve let go of feelings of shame and guilt and inadequacy because you’ve done your best and fully accept yourself. Continuously doing your best means that the other 3 agreements get easier and easier to follow and transformation becomes inevitable. If you’re seeking the type of transformation that author Don Miguel Ruiz refers to in “The Four Agreements”, consider how an Ayahuasca retreat may align with your quest for fulfillment and happiness. It’s time to feel the satisfaction that comes with placing the last piece of the puzzle you’ve been working on your entire life. Contact us if you have any questions about the retreats that Inner Circle Ayahuasca offers or the Airbnb accommodations that we provide for our journeyers. #thefouragreements #ayahuascaexperience


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