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Am I Ready for An Ayahuasca Ceremony?

Ayahuasca is certainly not for everyone, so how can you know if it’s right for YOU? And how can you know if it’s right for you, right now?

This indigenous brew can transport you to another dimension of self, enabling you to see life from a perspective that will be completely foreign. Are you open and ready to accept what Mother Ayahuasca will reveal during this spiritual ceremony? Do you acknowledge that the journey will continue well after the ceremony itself and are you emotionally available to put in the work required for self-healing to take place?

You may be an ideal candidate for this spiritual self-awakening ceremony if you can relate to the points below…

You are not searching for the meaning of life – You are searching for the meaning to YOUR life because the journey of self-discovery matters greatly to you. You strongly believe in a higher purpose for yourself. You don’t consider yourself better or more important than others, since this isn’t about comparisons, rather it is solely a belief that matters to you. In your heart and soul, you know there is more that you can provide to this world. Some may find this perspective arrogant, so you tend to keep these thoughts to yourself and seldomly discuss them openly.

Self-reflection is important to you – You often find yourself mulling over your day and analyzing (and sometimes over-analyzing) your actions and the decisions you made or will be making. Your body will tell you if they are aligned with your true self or not. Or maybe you’ve repressed your true self for so long that you’re not even sure who that is anymore. The quest for perfection is laborious so thinking about how something could have been made better cycles through your mind relentlessly. These thoughts are quickly becoming exhausting; they sometimes keep you up at night. Your professional life gives the illusion of balance. Some would consider you accomplished or even successful, but these perceptions just increase those feelings of “There has to be more to life!” that constantly creep up in your sub-conscious. You are slowly unable to push those thoughts away.

You are open to alternative solutions to clarify your path – Your ego is trying to convince your SELF that the path laid out ahead of you is the only option. But you question this. You are searching for a clear answer that will make sense and permanently resolve old wounds and not merely be a quick fix to remedy an emotional past. You are looking to heal from within therefore the wounds must be exposed for the healing process to begin. You accept that this self-actualization journey will be hard before it is amazing. You are looking for a life detox which starts with what is in your body. You are both scared and excited for the experience and the outcome but the thrill of the adventure intrigues you the most.

You are not seeking a hyped drug experience – Good, because this is NOT what this is meant to be! Ayahuasca is a visual shamanic experience. It may have the feeling of an ulterior universe like some drugs make you feel, but this is the start of a self-discovery journey. You are ready to do some hard work on yourself afterwards to implement changes to make a better you, as you realize that your day-to-day reality will be put into question… By you… And this can be scary. But you are up for the challenge.

Now that you’re more curious than ever about this experience and possibly relating to many of the points mentioned above, the last and maybe the most important part of all is this last one!

You are okay with going on this adventure with ZERO expectations or presumptions of how it will be or should be – With these journeys slowly becoming more mainstream, it’s important to not let your imagination be swayed by the experiences of others. You are receptive and open to the revelations that Mother Ayahuasca will deliver and not mold your visions to stories you’ve heard. It’s important to let go… Let go of the need to find coherent meaning to the experience. Your main purpose for this retreat is to focus on reaching a higher learning of your own self which is completely unique to your life experiences and who YOU are.

If anything mentioned above is resonating with you, Ayahuasca may be something to consider, discover and experience. If all other avenues have failed to find your path to a fuller life, you may be emotionally and spiritually ready for Ayahuasca. The alternative is to remain curious…

We hope to have clarified the path towards a more enlightened perspective on your readiness to partake in an Ayahuasca experience. Our retreats are coupled with luxurious accommodations to ensure that every guest can focus on their own self-healing without anxiety or distractions.

Contact us when you are ready to take the leap or if you have any questions about the process and our Airbnb accommodation.


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