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Inner Circle Ayahuasca Retreat: Our Blog Series

At Inner Circle, we want to provide you with the resources needed to help you gain confidence and knowledge before venturing out on your very own ayahuasca experience. Check back on this page to find new posts about the history, tradition and spiritual benefits of ayahuasca.

If you have a specific question for Inner Circle, please don’t hesitate to contact us!


Am I Ready for An Ayahuasca Ceremony?

Ayahuasca is certainly not for everyone, so how can you know if it’s right for YOU? And how can you know if it’s right for you, right...

Ayahuasca: A Beginner’s Guide

What Is Ayahuasca? Ayahuasca (a Quechua term meaning “Vine of the Souls”) is a drink brewed from the leaves of the Psychotria Viridis...

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